Wedding Video Production


Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life and your video should be produced by professionals to ensure you capture those memories so they can be enjoyed over and over through out time.

Right Angle films is passionate about capturing meaningful events and celebrations. At weddings there is positive energy in the air. There are heartfelt interactions between friends and families coming together to celebrate your big day. We appreciate the spectacle you provide for us and we strive to return the favor by providing exceptional video production and by telling an emotionally engaging story.


When our videographers are filming your wedding day they aren’t just hitting the record button during the events and waiting for something to happen. They are intuitively and strategically setting up shots for the best results. We are cinematographers, we have an eye for details and nuances that help us capture the perfect shots. We consider lighting, composition, focus, and camera motion to get you incredibly engaging visual elements. With every clip we capture we can see where it fits in the final video. We go with the flow, we can make suggestions for setting up additional shots or we can take a step back and be more like a fly on a wall.


Traditionally, capturing visual elements is essential for weddings. But today, some of the best stories are told by sound. Right Angle Films has extensive experience producing films where the story is told by the narrative. We have portable audio gear that can capture those special moments such as your vows, toasts, and improvisation. The combination of beautiful cinematography and spoken words from your friends and family will bring your video to life, giving the viewer the sense of being there again.


A wedding really is the continuation of your life story together. Every couple has an amazing love story to share, and it is our job to tell your story of your lifelong commitment you are making to each other.

With the abundance of footage and your special wedding moments captured, our editors begin to build an incredible story of your wedding day. We listen to you about musical tastes, songs that spark up nostalgia, and we incorporate them into the video. This gives you a truly personalized experience that represents who you are and how you feel as a couple. We strive for a seamless final video for your audience to watch. Clip placement is tactical, clean transitions and color correction is applied, sound bytes are overlaid, and the soundtrack ties everything together.


We have flexible wedding video packages that can be customized to fit your needs. We can deliver a 3 to 10 minute highlight video or we can edit a 15 to 30 minute documentary style wedding video. View some of our samples below: