Corporate Video Production

Right Angle Films utilizes high quality corporate video production to educate your target audience about your company products or services. Video has proven itself to be the preferred method for potential customers to learn about your brand. Depending on the needs of your operation, there are a variety of video solutions we offer to grow your business.


Video can bring your business to life allowing your customer to see how your products or services can work for them. Promotional videos can show and tell the exact benefits your brand will have. Right Angle Films researches your brand and audience to ensure your video’s relevance. Distributing your promotional video across multiple media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email distribution can be extremely important in order to reach your target market.


Website visitors who view video stay on a website on an average of two minutes longer. This reason alone is enough for you to start planning your next video production shoot. A brand or a product video located on your home page can answer many questions in a matter of minutes. Right Angle Films specializes in creating business profile videos for your company website.


A brand video can utilize the ability to tell your story, your way. We collaborate with our clients throughout the entire production process in order to create an end product that portrays your brand undeniably. By gathering interviews of your employees and clients praising the key components of your business we are able to display genuine and unique dialogue that communicates your message accurately. Our brand driven videos can be displayed on your company website, at your trade shows, in email newsletters, and posted online for greater search engine results.


Attracting a strong workforce is critical to any business, and producing a recruitment video can provide an opportunity to deliver important company messages to potential employees. An excellent production piece could give the preview needed for the right recruit to join your team. We can help guide you through this process and illustrate your company values and the core of your business.


Creating a training video can benefit your budget and successfully educate your staff. You can ensure that your message is communicated accurately to multiple employees. You can also utilize your time and your audience’s time by condensing and prioritizing as much of your material as you wish. Successfully educating your audience becomes easier with a video and will prove to show positive results.

From concept to completion we are a one stop video production team bringing value to your corporation. We pride ourselves on communication and collaboration with our clients that results in building long­term relationships. We look forward to being your partner on your next project.