Nonprofit Video Production

Right Angle Films specializes in nonprofit video production and creates emotional engaging videos. Our storytelling is inspired by unscripted interviews of organizers, donors, and volunteers. This form of storytelling is compelling and popular. Studies show that four times as many people would rather watch a video about a product or organization than read about it. And videos with authentic communication outperform videos that use a manufactured scripted narrative. Right Angle Films produces unique videos of real stories, from real people.


Using voices from those individuals involved in your organization is very effective in communicating your message. The other ingredient to creating a inspiring video is using original video. Capturing video of your organization in action, at an event with your volunteers, and having an impact on your clients’ life. This B-roll will compliment the narrative story literally by matching words with pictures and by telling its own story. These video images can reveal emotions of excitement, passion, and engagement.


A nonprofit event is a great place to capture multiple facets of your organization in a single day. It is an opportunity to show what your organization does and who it benefits. It is also a great space to introduce your organizers and volunteers. Our professional videographers know what to film when they see it. They will capture the positive environment, the community engagement, and ask the right questions. Right Angle Films can record your upcoming event by providing small video crews to large-scale camera crews.


A video testimonial from one of your clients may be one of the most effective ways to inspire donors and volunteers. Publishing one client's testimony in 3 minutes instead of multiple talking heads provides more opportunity for your viewer to connect and empathize. Video testimonials deliver not only the words but emotional tone behind the story. A testimonial story is more convincing and engaging, keeping visitors on your site longer.