Photography Services

What is an image worth? Everything.

Visuals and imaging are the way we see the outside world, tell unspoken stories about people, lifestyles or products. The intent of captivating images are to bring out emotion, sell more product or represent a brand in a positive light; all which are intended to move the viewer in a deliberate way.

We are image storytellers first, we are photographers that have vision, technical know how, and many years of experience. We possess all the right skill sets as it relates to composition, lighting and mood.


Right Angle Films has become more successful due to its corporate clients. We have been able to evolve our services to satisfy our clients’ needs. Our scope of photography services now includes product, food, lifestyle, real estate, and event photography. Some of our clients include Regis Corporation, CRAVE, Figlio, Great Northern Bakery, and Taher Inc. Our photographers have gained perspective with experience and constantly strive to improve. We also carry the right equipment on hand including Canon and Nikon full frame cameras, 14mm to 300mm Lenses, on and off camera flashes.


We provide event photography services for tradeshows, product launches, celebrations, concerts, holiday parties, and weddings. We have a proven and systematic approach to capturing evergreen event images. We understand how important events are to your professional and personal lives. We get the hard work that goes into planning every detail with the hope that your event goes as planned without problems, interruptions or distractions. It’s our job to capture your event as meticulously as it was planned.

We start out with a discovery session to learn about your event, times, details, location and the people attending. We pre-scout your location to understand best camera placement, lighting and scope. We typically try to do a multi-camera shoot, to ensure we don't miss any of the action, and give you more options in editorial post. From there we send you the best images for you to select, allowing us to apply touch ups in Photoshop or Lightroom to your most important images.