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18 Dec Hotsy

ABOUT Right Angle Films produced this industrial video for Hotsy Minnesota.  We captured their unique program that offers both products and services in one package. Right Angle Films offers industrial video production to capture the day to day operations at your facility.   Your company... READ MORE
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ABOUT We filmed this industrial video for Gresser Companies from 2017-2019.  Our crew filmed large scale Gresser concrete projects at multiple locations.  Right Angle Films provides industrial video services for many industries, including manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and the food industry.  DATE PUBLISHED July 31, 2020 READ MORE
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27 Jul Candidate for MN Senate

ABOUT Right Angle Films produces video content for political campaigns and nonprofit organizations. This political ad was built from the combination of interview snippets, B-roll, and stock video.  Our post-production editors create compelling storylines by weaving together relative voices with compelling images.  DATE PUBLISHED July... READ MORE
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06 Feb David Spencer Eyewear

ABOUT We sent our commercial videographer and production team to capture content for David Spencer's new collection of designer glasses. Founder David Spencer explained, "whether it is a good or bad day I always go to work and draw.”  Our team shares the same attitude, we... READ MORE
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16 Jan MusicMakers

About Our Harps Jolie Harp ABOUT Musicmakers is boutique wood shop in Still Water, Minnesota that sells beautiful hand-made harps and other wood instruments. Right Angle Films specializes in brand video production for businesses. We produce brand videos that are authentic and appealing. For Musicmakers... READ MORE