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16 Jan MusicMakers

About Our Harps Jolie Harp ABOUT Musicmakers is boutique wood shop in Still Water, Minnesota that sells beautiful hand-made harps and other wood instruments. Right Angle Films specializes in brand video production for businesses. We produce brand videos that are authentic and appealing. For Musicmakers... READ MORE
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16 Dec ROOSTERS Mens Grooming Center

Roosters First Impressions Experience Roosters Work at Roosters ABOUT Regis Corporation asked our team to produce 4 videos for social media content for their Roosters brand. Roosters Mens Grooming Center is a growing franchise that started in 1999 in the midwest and has grown to... READ MORE
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31 Aug Dentist Ted Johnson

ABOUT Ted Johnson is not only an experienced and knowledgeable dentist but he is empathetic to his patients. We wanted to capture the genuine experience you receive at Dr. Ted Johnson’s practice. So we filmed with hand-held cameras, live audio, and captured real interactions as... READ MORE
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27 Feb CAD Technology Center

ABOUT Cad Technology Center provides professional services and design technology solutions to the building, infrastructure, and facilities management industries. Right Angle Films built this brand story from collecting b-roll from multiple shoot days, and from 10 interviews of employees and clients. Right Angle Films is... READ MORE